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Things are changing. Don't get left behind.

While other companies are falling behind, we are growing and expanding our customer base. Producers have been counting on us for 30 years, and in these changing times, choosing GivenHansco�s award winning Keystone products makes good business sense.

Keystone The Integrated Advantage
Discover first hand why producers are choosing Keystone, the first system that truly integrates concrete batch controls, dispatch, GPS vehicle tracking and business accounting on ONE platform.

Efficiency: Transactions flow straight from the field to your financial statement without the need to re-enter data or use a complicated interface.

Integrity: Keystone maintains the relationship between a ticket�s accounting information and operations information such as GPS tracking history and batch weights.

Power: From one screen you can setup a mix design, configure inventory, pricing, and general ledger information and instruct the dispatch system to transmit the mix design to batch control systems in the field.

That�s The Integrated Advantage!

"One of the best ideas in the ready mix industry"

-Jeffrey B. Blankley, General Manager, KCI Companies

Keystone can work with your current system.

Each Keystone module can stand on its own or interface with other vendors' systems using industry standards*. When you are ready to grow with us, you can add more Keystone modules to fully experience The Integrated Advantage.

*Call an integration specialist to for specific compatibility.

An investment in your bottom line.

Increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction are just two of the ways that Keystone products can help boost your profitability. CLICK HERE for an example of how GivenHansco�s Keystone Accounting can save your company thousands of dollars every year over outsourced payroll services.

As your business grows, Keystone grows with you. Keystone can handle ready mix concrete, aggregate, and asphalt companies of every size from single plant to multi-site, multi-state operations.

When you choose GivenHansco and Keystone, you are making an investment in your bottom line for years to come.

The industry leader in customer service.

GivenHansco is built on relationships, and the quality of our products and customer service is unmatched by our competitors. In fact, a recent survey showed that 98% of GivenHansco customers would recommend us to others.

Our experienced team is available 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions whenever they arise. Plus, we never outsource to mass call centers.

"We believe that GivenHansco is the most customer focused software provider in the concrete industry."

-Dan Wagner, Vice President, Eagle Ready-Mix, Inc.

Isn�t it time to get to know GivenHansco?

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    We've been working hard for 30 years to bring you the best software and support in the concrete industry.

    A recent poll of GivenHansco clients revealed that 98% would recommend our software and services to others!

    95% of clients are satisfied with our product quality and ease of use, while 82% rated our service higher than all of our competitors.