Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable System is a powerful, easy-to-use system design to accomplish all your payable transactions with accurate information about money you owe, due dates and available discounts due to your company.

  1. Saves money by tracking terms and discounts, predicting cash flow and tracking payments.
  2. Automatic application of Accounts Payable distributions to general ledger.
  3. Invoice flagging for payment by user-defined criteria with manual override capability.
  4. On-screen inquiry of invoice status for any vendor.
  5. Tracking of purchases by vendor.
  6. Complete audit trail.
  7. Accounts Payable Aging Report.
  8. Cash flow analysis.
  9. Check register.
  10. 1099 forms.

Computer Forms

GivenHansco has teamed with to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Our full financial accounting suite and their guaranteed-to-fit forms work hand in hand. Plus, you can customize your form to inlude your logo!

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Computer Forms