World of Concrete 2015

GivenHansco is exhibiting at Booth N1019 in the North Hall Producer Center. Look up to find our booth!

At this year’s World of Concrete, GivenHansco is announcing two exciting add-ons to our Keystone product line.

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, Keystone On-Demand is written for and compatible with most iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  Rather than mimic the functionality of our desktop applications, we took great care to create an app focused on the essential tasks that mobile employees need to accomplish.  On-Demand is responsive and easy to use with a clean, modern design.  The app leverages the vast array of data from the Keystone Office Suite yet doesn’t overwhelm the user with information overload.

On-Demand opens up a new realm of streamlined customer service possibilities for today’s concrete industry.  A multitude of functions provide an immediate overview of focused information that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere including:

  • Drill-down schedule data from plant overview to ticket detail, including batch weights
  • Track truck on-job times and view live GPS map
  • View customer account balances, contacts, ticket and payment history
  • Give salesmen job site awareness that allows them to solve problems on-site

Keystone On-Demand is being touted as “The Intelligent Mobile App.”  “The key inspiration for Keystone On-Demand is to put the power of Keystone in the palm of your hand,” according to Ron Wallace, GivenHansco Vice President.  “With anytime, anywhere access to critical information, producers gain the power to serve their customers in a newly effective and efficient manner.”

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, Keystone FX allows ready-mix producers to pull vital data from the Keystone Accounting and Dispatch suite, and dynamically link data to Microsoft® Excel to create convenient, customized, and reliable reports.

This unique, industry specific financial reporting suite takes advantage of data from the user’s entire operation−combining all levels of data into Excel templates for flexible report productivity.  Keystone FX is a simple, yet sophisticated tool for making customized financial statements and balance sheets.  In addition, FX simplifies the creation of reports on the whole Keystone suite including: general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, sales, and dispatch.  Starting with pre-built templates, Keystone users simply hit the ‘Create Report’ button and reports are quickly created and opened in Excel.  By leveraging in-house Excel expertise reports can be customized and extra features such as charts and pivot tables can be quickly added based on their desired parameters.

A myriad of Keystone financial and operational data can be leveraged into customized FX reports including:

  • Flexibility to present actual and budget amounts for any period 
  • Leverage Excel formulas to create period to period or budget to period comparisons 
  • Multi-month / Multi-year reports and analysis for any amount or year 
  • Unlimited number of plant, divisional, and consolidated reports 
  • Compare financial amounts against unit quantities such as sales quantities and payroll hours  
  • Customized schedules and sub reports for field managers
  • Alternative presentation profiles featuring owner’s views, manager’s views, etc.
  • Group and rearrange accounts (subtotals can be added anywhere) 

Keystone FX is being touted as “The Streamlined Reporting Solution”. According to Craig Hanson, GivenHansco’s Vice President, “Our design platform was inspired by input from customers who were frustrated by the limitations and cost constraints of non-industry specific competing tools. The goal was to streamline the spreadsheet format to leverage Keystone’s comprehensive financial and operational data into a reliable, flexible, and hassle-free reporting platform.”

To see Keystone On-Demand and Keystone FX in action, visit us at the World of Concrete 2015!

Come see us at the World of Concrete!

Be sure to stop by the GivenHansco booth (North Hall #757) while you’re at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas next week. Mike, Ron, Don, Mark, Craig and Brett will be demonstrating our latest products and previewing some exciting new features still in development.

Two of our newest modules available for Keystone Accounting include Document Imaging and Enhanced Financial Reporting.

Keystone Document Imaging lets you scan and save your documents using a world class image recognition engine from KOFAX. Your documents are then easily accessible through KEYSTONE. There is no switching between programs, and it’s easy to view, print, or email documents with just a click!

Keystone Enhanced Financial Reporting (EFR) allows you to create boardroom-quality, customized financial reports in Microsoft® Excel, quickly and accurately – with no re-keying! Keystone EFR delivers integration with F9, a powerful, easy-to-use financial reporting tool that dynamically links General Ledger data to Microsoft® Excel.

We’ll be previewing some exciting new products at the show as well, including a new streamlined batch panel, a Purchase Order module for Accounting and a web-based Management Information Dashboard.

The new Keystone batch panel has a more streamlined look and feel to it, while still keeping its simplicity and use of non-proprietary parts. The new design allows for users to decide if they want a physical manual panel or a soft (PC driven) manual panel.

The Keystone Purchase Order module allows entry and printing of Purchase Order forms and incoming product receipts. Receipts may be associated with a Purchase Order but do not need to be. Receipts are linked to an A/P Invoice during vouchering for automatic inventory and General Ledger updating.

Our upcoming web-based Management Information Dashboard is in the early stages of development. We’ll be previewing a very simple version and accepting ideas for information you’d like to see on the dashboard.

Visit our web site at for more information about Keystone.