Keystone 2.5.1 is here!

Hot on the heels of our Version 2.5 release of Keystone Accounting & Dispatch, this version – consisting mainly of payroll year-end changes – does include a few significant new features:

  • A/P ACH Payments
    A/P Invoices may now be paid by electronic funds transfer (ACH). Note that this must be coordinated with your bank. (Contact GivenHansco if you are interested in this feature.)
  • Payroll to A/P Payments
    The Payroll module can now create an editable batch of A/P invoices for payments that are the result of employee deductions (i.e. child support, employee paid insurance, savings accounts.) (Contact GivenHansco if you are interested in this feature.)
  • News & Notifications
    When a user (who is connected to the Internet) logs in to Keystone, a new “Keystone News” window will appear next to the menu. This will contain the latest news & notifications about Keystone, including any critical updates that must be installed.

There are several other enhancements and corrections included in this update. Click here for the complete Release Notes for Keystone 2.5.1.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.