Keystone 2.7 is here!

Keystone 2.7 is a significant release. Aside from the usual assortment of enhancements and corrections, there are a few new features that bear mentioning here:

Dispatch Trip Time Analyzer

  • Once an order has been partially shipped, use the Trip Time Analyzer to calculate average trip times and fine-tune the order with one click.

Dispatch Enhancements

  • Improved void ticket handling
  • Improved 24-hour operation processing
  • Improved schedule performance and efficiency
  • Re-apply automatic products when orders are copied
  • Support driver clock-in/clock-out statuses
  • Many corrections both large and small

Sales Reports Restriction by User/Salesperson

  • By entering a Keystone User Id for a salesperson, that Keystone user will only be allowed to view that one salesperson’s data on most sales reports.

Unit of Measure Conversions

  • Converting Units of Measure between types (i.e. Weight<->Volume) is much improved through the addition of the “U/M Conv” tab in Product Maintenance. This allows you to add product-specific conversions in a very user-friendly way.

Document Imaging Improvements

  • As part of our continuing evolution of our Document Imaging solution, this release significantly improves the foundation of Document Imaging to allow us to more easily support other document types in the future.

Payroll Updates

  • This release includes the initial payroll end-of-year W-2 updates (both printed and e-file) as well as initial payroll tax tables for 2014. (Note that many states have still not finalized details for 2013/14 so there will be more updates to come.)

We highly recommend that all Keystone customers install this update. There is a significant correction that should be mentioned here. As of Keystone 2.6.1 void tickets were not being carried through the invoicing process into sales history. This has been corrected in this release.

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.7.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

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