Keystone 2.5 is here!

The latest release of Keystone Accounting & Dispatch is now available. This version includes some significant new features:

  • Document Imaging
    Delivery Tickets may be scanned and linked to the corresponding Keystone ticket information and may be viewed in Ticket Maintenance and A/R Inquiry. (Contact GivenHansco if you are interested in this feature.)
  • F-9 (advanced financial reporting) Integration
    F-9 is an Excel-based advanced financial reporting tool that processes Keystone G/L transactions live and provides virtually unlimited control over the report format. (Contact GivenHansco if you are interested in this feature.)
  • QuickBooks Ticket Export
    For those customers with an existing QuickBooks installation, Keystone now has the ability to consolidate and export tickets from the Dispatch & Ticketing modules directly into QuickBooks 2002 and higher. (Contact GivenHansco if you are interested in this feature.)
  • Inventory Transfers
    Keystone now provides a simple option for transferring inventory between plants.

There are many other enhancements and corrections included as well. Click here for the complete Release Notes for Keystone 2.5.

One of the other significant improvements to Keystone has been behind the scenes. When Microsoft introduced Windows 7, they greatly improved the security of the operating system. To take advantage of this, Windows applications had to be modified and had to adhere to a strict set of guidelines. With the 2.5 release, Keystone is now fully Windows 7 compliant.

Please click here for the procedure to follow when updating to Keystone 2.5 on Windows 7.


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