Keystone 2.5.24 is here!

Since the previous post regarding version 2.5.11, many improvements have been made to several Keystone modules. The Dispatch module has been enhanced with new support for Returned Concrete. It has also been optimized for better performance.

Some of the other improvements include:

Accounts Receivable

  • New “Print Dunning Letters” option to print dunning letters for customers with past-due balances
  • New “Product Classes” tab in Sales Tax Rate Maintenance to support tax code overrides for specific product classes
  • When printing statements a minimum dollar amount can be specified–statements with a total below this amount will not be printed
  • New “Job Id” list in Automatic Product Maintenance to add products for specific jobs
  • Added ability to select void or non-void tickets to the Invoiced Tickets List
  • Added checklist to select which payroll hours should be used for the Driver Productivity Report
  • The “Forms” drop-down button in A/R Inquiry, Cash Posting and Customer Maintenance now allows selection of any invoice or statement form
  • Added “Job Lot” and “Job Block” as optional fields to the Open Ticket Stack


  • Added on-screen totals to Purchase Receipts
  • Added Inventory G/L sequence and selection to Valuation Report

Accounts Payable

  • New transaction calculation method added to 1099 printing/exporting
  • New “Re-issue Checks” option in Re-Print Checks which assigns new check numbers
  • New option in Void Checks to void an entire session of checks at once

Purchase Order

  • New “Recost” button in P.O. Maintenance to update product costs based on current information
  • Inventory Product Transactions Report lists P.O. Receipts that have not been linked to A/P


  • Event Types and data fields have been enhanced to track both old and new values and User Id for Field Change events
  • New “Adjust Definition Balances” option to allow a single definition and its associated factors to be adjusted for all employees
  • New “Adjust Company Definitions & Factors” option to allow adjustments to G/L accounts, print options and factors
  • New “Full/Part-time” field added to Payroll Employee Maintenance
  • Changing an employee’s social security number or employment status now generates an event in Employee Maintenance
  • Fixed several issues with screen resizing in Timecard Maintenance
  • New option in Void Paychecks to void an entire run at once


  • New “Returned Concrete” support
  • Loads that cross midnight are now handled correctly by the Demand Graph
  • New “Profit Alert Report” option–similar to the A/R version but based on plant tickets
  • New option to print invoices in Export Tickets to Accounting


  • New “Ask Create Order” checkbox in Plant Maintenance to ask the user to create an order after a ticket is printed for the plant
  • New “Retrieve Delivery Instructions from Previous Ticket” button in Ticket Printing to bring in delivery instructions from the previous ticket for the customer
  • When importing on-line tickets Keystone now checks for duplicate ticket numbers\
  • Payments that exceed the ticket total are now accepted
  • New “Contacts” tab in Order Maintenance–similar to Dispatch


  • New “Active Users” option on the System Maintenance menu which shows users currently logged in
  • New “Quick Support” option on the Help menu provides quick access to GivenHansco support
  • New option to use current Windows printer settings instead of the printer’s default settings (for example, to force the printer to use paper from a specific tray)

Performance Improvements

  • A/R Aged Trial Balance: report is much faster, especially for a single customer
  • A/R Invoice Job Corrections: startup time improved
  • A/R Ticket Maintenance: startup time improved
  • A/R Void Invoice: looking up a customer
  • G/L Detail Inquiry: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Order Maintenance: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Schedule: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Ticket Maintenance: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Ticket Printing: startup time improved
  • Ticketing Ticket Printing: startup time improved

This is only a partial list of the improvements made since version 2.5.11.

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.5.24.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

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