Keystone 2.5.11 is here!

This version of Keystone includes a new Purchase Order module. This module allows entry and printing of Purchase Order forms and incoming product receipts. Receipts may be associated with a Purchase Order but do not need to be. Receipts are linked to an A/P Invoice during vouchering for automatic inventory and General Ledger updating.

Some of the other improvements in this release include:


  • “Reprint” button to quickly reprint the last ticket for the plant
  • Better integeration to detect changes from the Silo Loadout system
  • Streamlined Export Tickets to Accounting to incorporate the Move Tickets to History function


  • When editing orders, the Order Id dropdown now lists most recent orders first
  • “Find Truck” on the Schedule screen now finds clocked out trucks as well and includes status information if the truck is out on a load
  • “Ship to Same Order” on Schedule screen’s truck popup menu provides quick way to send a truck back out on the previous order

Quote Module

  • Cost Estimator enhanced to include Admin Overhead and Delivery Revenue and Per Load costs
  • Prospects can quickly be turned into customers using the new “Change to Cust” button

Payroll Module

  • Job Cost Asset Id can now be entered throughout the payroll system
  • Supports TimeForce II timeclock


  • DataScope and Query Export includes improved security, allows queries to be private to the user that created them, and queries can be restricted to users having permissions for specific Keystone modules
  • Email feature now supports SSL mail systems (Google Mail)

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.5.11.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

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