Our New Home!

Welcome to the new home of GivenHansco! Our employees moved into the new building in June, and we are very excited to share a few photos of our new location with you.

Our new building provides plenty of room for future expansion. We also have a large room that we hope to use for customer training in the future (once Covid-19 is behind us!)





Keystone 3.0 is coming – prepare now!

Our next major release of Keystone–version 3.0–is coming soon. With this release we have updated our development tools to the latest versions which ensure proper support of Windows 10 and future Windows versions going forward.

The new versions of our development tools require us to update our minimum system requirements, in terms of the Windows versions that we can support as well as the versions of InterBase (back-end database) that we can support.

As we have been warning about for almost a year, if you are using any version of Windows prior to Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 you need to make plans to upgrade as soon as possible. Microsoft no longer provides support for older versions of Windows (such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) and that includes no longer providing security updates which are essential in the Internet era.

As of Keystone 3.0 you must have InterBase XE (version 10.0) or higher. You can check what version of InterBase you currently have from within Keystone by selecting “Help->System Information” from the main menu. Scroll down until you come to the “Database Server Info” section:


If the ServerVersion is “WI-V10.0” or higher, you are all set. If it is less than that, please contact support for a quote to arrange for an InterBase upgrade as soon as possible.

It is important to note that Keystone 2.9.7 will run on Windows 10 and with the latest version of InterBase XE so Windows and InterBase upgrades can be done prior to updating to Keystone 3.0.)

World of Concrete 2015

GivenHansco is exhibiting at Booth N1019 in the North Hall Producer Center. Look up to find our booth!

At this year’s World of Concrete, GivenHansco is announcing two exciting add-ons to our Keystone product line.

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, Keystone On-Demand is written for and compatible with most iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  Rather than mimic the functionality of our desktop applications, we took great care to create an app focused on the essential tasks that mobile employees need to accomplish.  On-Demand is responsive and easy to use with a clean, modern design.  The app leverages the vast array of data from the Keystone Office Suite yet doesn’t overwhelm the user with information overload.

On-Demand opens up a new realm of streamlined customer service possibilities for today’s concrete industry.  A multitude of functions provide an immediate overview of focused information that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere including:

  • Drill-down schedule data from plant overview to ticket detail, including batch weights
  • Track truck on-job times and view live GPS map
  • View customer account balances, contacts, ticket and payment history
  • Give salesmen job site awareness that allows them to solve problems on-site

Keystone On-Demand is being touted as “The Intelligent Mobile App.”  “The key inspiration for Keystone On-Demand is to put the power of Keystone in the palm of your hand,” according to Ron Wallace, GivenHansco Vice President.  “With anytime, anywhere access to critical information, producers gain the power to serve their customers in a newly effective and efficient manner.”

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, Keystone FX allows ready-mix producers to pull vital data from the Keystone Accounting and Dispatch suite, and dynamically link data to Microsoft® Excel to create convenient, customized, and reliable reports.

This unique, industry specific financial reporting suite takes advantage of data from the user’s entire operation−combining all levels of data into Excel templates for flexible report productivity.  Keystone FX is a simple, yet sophisticated tool for making customized financial statements and balance sheets.  In addition, FX simplifies the creation of reports on the whole Keystone suite including: general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, sales, and dispatch.  Starting with pre-built templates, Keystone users simply hit the ‘Create Report’ button and reports are quickly created and opened in Excel.  By leveraging in-house Excel expertise reports can be customized and extra features such as charts and pivot tables can be quickly added based on their desired parameters.

A myriad of Keystone financial and operational data can be leveraged into customized FX reports including:

  • Flexibility to present actual and budget amounts for any period 
  • Leverage Excel formulas to create period to period or budget to period comparisons 
  • Multi-month / Multi-year reports and analysis for any amount or year 
  • Unlimited number of plant, divisional, and consolidated reports 
  • Compare financial amounts against unit quantities such as sales quantities and payroll hours  
  • Customized schedules and sub reports for field managers
  • Alternative presentation profiles featuring owner’s views, manager’s views, etc.
  • Group and rearrange accounts (subtotals can be added anywhere) 

Keystone FX is being touted as “The Streamlined Reporting Solution”. According to Craig Hanson, GivenHansco’s Vice President, “Our design platform was inspired by input from customers who were frustrated by the limitations and cost constraints of non-industry specific competing tools. The goal was to streamline the spreadsheet format to leverage Keystone’s comprehensive financial and operational data into a reliable, flexible, and hassle-free reporting platform.”

To see Keystone On-Demand and Keystone FX in action, visit us at the World of Concrete 2015!

GivenHansco announces exclusive agreement with Barnes Industrial Group

Columbus, Ohio – August 10, 2014

GivenHansco, creator of the award-winning line of Keystone integrated software products for the ready-mix, aggregate and asphalt industries, today announced an exclusive dealership arrangement with Barnes Industrial Group.

“We are extremely excited to have the Barnes Industrial Group as our exclusive dealer in the Midwest. Jim (Amelung) and his group have deep industry knowledge and are committed to exceptional customer service just as we are,” said Mike Sanders, GivenHansco President.

Barnes Industrial Group (also known as The Barnes Group) is an established distributor of concrete equipment products based in Manchester, Missouri. They are a dealer for CON-E-CO concrete plants and an exclusive dealer for quality equipment and parts with over 30 years of industry experience.

“Partnering with GivenHansco will allow us to offer our customers a truly integrated product line that we have not been able to before. Along with batch controls, we can now offer accounting, dispatch and GPS solutions from a company with industry-leading customer service,” said Jim Amelung, Barnes Industrial Group President.

More information about the Keystone product line is available at www.givenhansco.com. Purchase inquiries should be directed to Barnes Industrial Group at www.barnesindustrialgroup.com.

Ron Wallace
GivenHansco Inc.
Direct: 1-800-548-9754
Fax: 614-310-0066



Keystone 2.7 is here!

Keystone 2.7 is a significant release. Aside from the usual assortment of enhancements and corrections, there are a few new features that bear mentioning here:

Dispatch Trip Time Analyzer

  • Once an order has been partially shipped, use the Trip Time Analyzer to calculate average trip times and fine-tune the order with one click.

Dispatch Enhancements

  • Improved void ticket handling
  • Improved 24-hour operation processing
  • Improved schedule performance and efficiency
  • Re-apply automatic products when orders are copied
  • Support driver clock-in/clock-out statuses
  • Many corrections both large and small

Sales Reports Restriction by User/Salesperson

  • By entering a Keystone User Id for a salesperson, that Keystone user will only be allowed to view that one salesperson’s data on most sales reports.

Unit of Measure Conversions

  • Converting Units of Measure between types (i.e. Weight<->Volume) is much improved through the addition of the “U/M Conv” tab in Product Maintenance. This allows you to add product-specific conversions in a very user-friendly way.

Document Imaging Improvements

  • As part of our continuing evolution of our Document Imaging solution, this release significantly improves the foundation of Document Imaging to allow us to more easily support other document types in the future.

Payroll Updates

  • This release includes the initial payroll end-of-year W-2 updates (both printed and e-file) as well as initial payroll tax tables for 2014. (Note that many states have still not finalized details for 2013/14 so there will be more updates to come.)

We highly recommend that all Keystone customers install this update. There is a significant correction that should be mentioned here. As of Keystone 2.6.1 void tickets were not being carried through the invoicing process into sales history. This has been corrected in this release.

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.7.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

GivenHansco gives back!

Yesterday, GivenHansco donated $82,000 worth of computer software to the Concrete Technology program at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio. This donation will enhance the Concrete Technology program by exposing students to the Keystone Integrated Advantage, a state-of-the-art system which includes concrete batch controls and dispatch and accounting modules together on the same platform. Students will be able to learn about concrete technology “hands on” and will gain knowledge that will be useful in their future careers in the concrete industry.

A local news station did a segment on the donation which you can view here:

GivenHansco Donation to Rhodes State College – 10/8/2013

Here is a press link about the donation:

Rhodes State accepts concrete technology donation (limaohio.com)


Keystone 2.5.24 is here!

Since the previous post regarding version 2.5.11, many improvements have been made to several Keystone modules. The Dispatch module has been enhanced with new support for Returned Concrete. It has also been optimized for better performance.

Some of the other improvements include:

Accounts Receivable

  • New “Print Dunning Letters” option to print dunning letters for customers with past-due balances
  • New “Product Classes” tab in Sales Tax Rate Maintenance to support tax code overrides for specific product classes
  • When printing statements a minimum dollar amount can be specified–statements with a total below this amount will not be printed
  • New “Job Id” list in Automatic Product Maintenance to add products for specific jobs
  • Added ability to select void or non-void tickets to the Invoiced Tickets List
  • Added checklist to select which payroll hours should be used for the Driver Productivity Report
  • The “Forms” drop-down button in A/R Inquiry, Cash Posting and Customer Maintenance now allows selection of any invoice or statement form
  • Added “Job Lot” and “Job Block” as optional fields to the Open Ticket Stack


  • Added on-screen totals to Purchase Receipts
  • Added Inventory G/L sequence and selection to Valuation Report

Accounts Payable

  • New transaction calculation method added to 1099 printing/exporting
  • New “Re-issue Checks” option in Re-Print Checks which assigns new check numbers
  • New option in Void Checks to void an entire session of checks at once

Purchase Order

  • New “Recost” button in P.O. Maintenance to update product costs based on current information
  • Inventory Product Transactions Report lists P.O. Receipts that have not been linked to A/P


  • Event Types and data fields have been enhanced to track both old and new values and User Id for Field Change events
  • New “Adjust Definition Balances” option to allow a single definition and its associated factors to be adjusted for all employees
  • New “Adjust Company Definitions & Factors” option to allow adjustments to G/L accounts, print options and factors
  • New “Full/Part-time” field added to Payroll Employee Maintenance
  • Changing an employee’s social security number or employment status now generates an event in Employee Maintenance
  • Fixed several issues with screen resizing in Timecard Maintenance
  • New option in Void Paychecks to void an entire run at once


  • New “Returned Concrete” support
  • Loads that cross midnight are now handled correctly by the Demand Graph
  • New “Profit Alert Report” option–similar to the A/R version but based on plant tickets
  • New option to print invoices in Export Tickets to Accounting


  • New “Ask Create Order” checkbox in Plant Maintenance to ask the user to create an order after a ticket is printed for the plant
  • New “Retrieve Delivery Instructions from Previous Ticket” button in Ticket Printing to bring in delivery instructions from the previous ticket for the customer
  • When importing on-line tickets Keystone now checks for duplicate ticket numbers\
  • Payments that exceed the ticket total are now accepted
  • New “Contacts” tab in Order Maintenance–similar to Dispatch


  • New “Active Users” option on the System Maintenance menu which shows users currently logged in
  • New “Quick Support” option on the Help menu provides quick access to GivenHansco support
  • New option to use current Windows printer settings instead of the printer’s default settings (for example, to force the printer to use paper from a specific tray)

Performance Improvements

  • A/R Aged Trial Balance: report is much faster, especially for a single customer
  • A/R Invoice Job Corrections: startup time improved
  • A/R Ticket Maintenance: startup time improved
  • A/R Void Invoice: looking up a customer
  • G/L Detail Inquiry: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Order Maintenance: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Schedule: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Ticket Maintenance: startup time improved
  • Dispatch Ticket Printing: startup time improved
  • Ticketing Ticket Printing: startup time improved

This is only a partial list of the improvements made since version 2.5.11.

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.5.24.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

Keystone 2.5.11 is here!

This version of Keystone includes a new Purchase Order module. This module allows entry and printing of Purchase Order forms and incoming product receipts. Receipts may be associated with a Purchase Order but do not need to be. Receipts are linked to an A/P Invoice during vouchering for automatic inventory and General Ledger updating.

Some of the other improvements in this release include:


  • “Reprint” button to quickly reprint the last ticket for the plant
  • Better integeration to detect changes from the Silo Loadout system
  • Streamlined Export Tickets to Accounting to incorporate the Move Tickets to History function


  • When editing orders, the Order Id dropdown now lists most recent orders first
  • “Find Truck” on the Schedule screen now finds clocked out trucks as well and includes status information if the truck is out on a load
  • “Ship to Same Order” on Schedule screen’s truck popup menu provides quick way to send a truck back out on the previous order

Quote Module

  • Cost Estimator enhanced to include Admin Overhead and Delivery Revenue and Per Load costs
  • Prospects can quickly be turned into customers using the new “Change to Cust” button

Payroll Module

  • Job Cost Asset Id can now be entered throughout the payroll system
  • Supports TimeForce II timeclock


  • DataScope and Query Export includes improved security, allows queries to be private to the user that created them, and queries can be restricted to users having permissions for specific Keystone modules
  • Email feature now supports SSL mail systems (Google Mail)

Click here for the complete release notes for Keystone 2.5.11.

If you are updating from a version of Keystone prior to 2.5, remember to follow this procedure when updating on a Windows 7 PC.

Commitment to Growth

At GivenHansco, we will continue to supply the best products and services the industry has ever seen. As part of our commitment to growth, we are pleased to announce that Sherman Kelchner has joined our team as the new Manager of Batch Operations. Sherman has 20 years of experience in the construction materials industry. He not only brings management experience, but field knowledge from installing batch control systems world-wide.

As Manager of Batch Operations, Sherman is responsible for the overall leadership of the batch department and staff. He will lead our efforts in the following areas:

  • Ensuring consistent, problem-free Keystone Batch installations.
  • Offering unparalleled customer support and service.
  • Delivering the highest quality Keystone Batch products.

We are excited that he has brought his experience and insight to GivenHansco. Welcome, Sherman!