For more than forty years, GivenHansco has been building solid relationships with clients in the concrete, aggregate, and asphalt industries. Like our products, our philosophy is straightforward:Make the customer our first priority and deliver reliable products that make business easier and more profitable for our customers.

GivenHansco is built on relationships, and interacting with our customers is an important part of our product development process. We understand the real world challenges faced by our customers, and we are focused on providing the best automation and software solutions in the industry. GivenHansco pioneered industry specific accounting for ready mix producers in 1979. Guided by feedback from our customers, we have continued to build upon that innovative core by incorporating the latest technology into our products and services. Our employees have an average of 14 years experience in all phases of the ready mixed concrete industry and when you call GivenHansco, you will speak with a friendly, knowledgeable person, not an overseas call center or an impersonal machine.

When you get to know GivenHansco, your company will benefit from our years of industry experience, innovation, technical expertise, and customer service that is unmatched by our competitors. We understand that building long-term relationships with customers is essential to their success and ours.

"We really feel like we have a partner in GivenHansco and not just another vendor relationship."

Jeffrey B. Blankley, General Manager, KCI Companies

The following are important milstones in the history of GivenHansco.

  • Robert Hanson forms Hansco Data Processing, Inc. developing business applications for IBM mainframes.

  • 1979
  • Hansco launches Compu-Crete, the first industry specific accounting suite for ready mixed concrete and aggregate producers.

  • 1982
  • Compu-Crete moves to the IBM PC-DOS platform.

  • 1987
  • Compu-Crete multi-user system introduced on Unix and Novell network platforms.

  • 1988
  • Hansco Data Processing renamed to Hansco Information Technologies, Inc. Relocates to new offices in Ludlow, Mass.

  • 1990
  • Hansco adds industry's most powerful Batch Control interface to Compu-Crete supporting several popular batch systems.

  • 2001
  • Compu-Crete 2001 released as the industry's only 100% native Windows accounting suite.

  • 2002
  • Hansco Information Technologies, Inc. merges with the Given Company to become GivenHansco, Inc.
  • Attends World of Concrete for first time as GivenHansco

  • 2003
  • GivenHansco offers live web product demonstrations. Begins development of new batch and dispatch products.

  • 2004
  • GivenHansco relocates to new offices in Columbus, Ohio Introduces new batch and dispatch products. Adds industry specific payroll module to Compu-Crete.

  • 2005
  • GivenHansco announces KEYSTONE, the industry's first integrated system that runs full accounting, batch, dispatch, and GPS on one platform

  • 2006
  • GivenHansco releases KEYSTONE. Introduces new GPS truck-tracking system. Adds NRMCA recommended financial statement format to accounting suite which automatically completes NRMCA Industry Survey allowing customers to benchmark and compare company performance.

  • 2007
  • Mike Sanders named President of GivenHansco. DataScope released, giving producers powerful real-time financial reporting and modeling.

  • 2008
  • GivenHansco releases KEYSTONE Batch, a state-of-the-art real-time batch control system that runs on Windows and uses "off-the-shelf" components.
  • GivenHansco wins Redmond Developer News Innovator Award for development of KEYSTONE Batch.

  • GivenHansco adds Nextel phone support to KEYSTONE GPS. Introduces new GH brand and website.

  • 2011
  • Added Document Imaging module to Keystone
  • Added QuickBooks Ticket Export to Keystone Dispatch
  • Keystone now fully Windows 7 compliant

  • 2012
  • Added Purchase Order module to Keystone Accounting
  • Added ACH Payments to A/P module
  • Added Payroll to A/P Payments to Payroll module

  • 2013
  • Keystone 2.7 (Dispatch Trip Time Analyzer, Dispatch 24-hour handling)
  • Donation to Rhodes State College
  • Keystone now fully Windows 8 compliant

  • 2014
  • Announces partnership with Barnes Industrial Group

  • 2015
  • Added Keystone FX, flexible reporting module
  • Added Keystone On-Demand (mobile application)
  • Keystone now fully Windows 10 compliant

  • 2016
  • New cloud-based GPS
  • Keystone 3.x

  • Our Partners

    GivenHansco works with many of the best technology companies to deliver unique solutions to help solve our customers' needs.